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The Wilderness Gallery - C.W. Banfield

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do you get the rich, saturated colors?
    Good light, good film, good printing. Getting good color is no accident. It begins by only working in the best lighting conditions. That means that I may spend days scouting for a photograph and then spend only a few minutes making a handful of exposures. Second, I choose my film carefully. All of my work is shot on Fuji Velvia and Fuji Provia. Understanding which film is best under various conditions is critical. And it is a knowledge that only comes from experience. Finally, it would be of little use to pour great effort into getting the best light and film if I did not have a reliable way to print the work. After considerable searching, I settled on printing via RA-4. It is a digital process that, in my opinion, best conveys the brilliance of the colors rendered by good light and good film.

  • Do you do anything to enhance any of the colors?
    No. As I mentioned above, I rely on good light, good film and good printing. I do not enhance any of the work either digitally or through the use of color enhancing filters.

  • Have you gone digital?
    Yes and no. I still start with transparency (slide) film. But as the options to produce quality prints from transparencies continue to dwindle, I have opted to print all of my work digitally. I feel that the RA-4 digital process is the best method to recreate what was captured on the original slide. So, why not just start with a digital image instead of a slide? Well, that is a matter of personal preference. While digital technology has done much to aid photographers, I still believe that continuous tone transparency film is the superior method of capturing the warm, rich subtleties of nature.

  • How can I purchase a print?
    Two ways. Check out our "Events" page and come to see us at an art festival near you. Or, you could simply call us at 614-565-9821 or email us with your request at Soon you will be able to purchase directly online. But until then, calling or email is the easiest way to reach us.

  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes. Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover. Of course we also welcome cash or checks.

  • Why do you use archival matting materials?
    Because it looks better. If you are not familiar with matting materials, there are two basic types of matboard: paper and acid free. I use acid free board and all of the materials that go into matting my work are also acid free. I do this because in a very short time, paper mats begin to fade and the bevel at the edge of the print turns a dirty brown. With my acid free matboards the color does not fade and the bevel retains its crisp, clean look. Acid free boards cost much more than paper boards (about 4x), but my primary concern is to present a quality product that will retain its original beauty.

  • Why are some pieces available in different frames? And why different prices for different frames?
    To be honest, every piece can be special ordered in any frame that we carry. But there are some pieces that work particularly well in a few different frames. So I want to give you the option to select the frame that will best work with the setting in which the print will hang. As to the price difference, I do my own framing but I am a photographer, not a frame shop. Consequently, I do not have all of the overhead of a frame shop. This means that I can offer substantially lower prices on the same frames. The difference in frame prices, therefore, simply reflects the different costs to me.

  • It must be great to get to go to all of these places?
    Yes, but when I am there, it is hardly a vacation. Don't get me wrong, I love my work. But when I am "in the field" to photograph, my days are very demanding. I'm usually up at least an hour before first light, so I can be in position to get a morning shot. After I finish the morning session, I grab a quick breakfast snack and begin scouting for more photo opportunities. Since most of my photography is done when the sun is low on the horizon, I primarily look for other ways to work with morning or evening light. If the light is good, I may make several exposures during the day. Then, an hour or two before sunset, I move to the evening location and prepare for a final shot of the day. Afterwards, I make dinner and set up camp in the dark. And the next morning I start it all again.

  • What if I purchase a piece, but then have second thoughts, may I cancel my order or do you accept returns?
    I am sorry, but no. I like to work with clients to try to assure that they are purchasing the piece that is best suited for their needs. However, once an order has been placed, I quickly begin work to fill the order; time is scheduled, materials are purchased. Consequently, I cannot cancel orders or accept returned items.

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